One-on-One Coaching


Establishing a confidential, one-on-one relationship with a professional coach can often be a turning point in a senior executive’s career and mean the difference between the success and failure of key business initiatives. Each of our certified executive coaches has the wisdom, knowledge, background and years of experience to competently guide executive clients into new territory and help them expand their capabilities. Our coaches are dedicated to helping leaders achieve the outcomes they want by aligning intention with actual results.

“I have been dealing with the same interpersonal challenges my entire career. This learning process has helped me define it, manage it, and make meaningful improvements. I am really pleased to see my development efforts paying off at work and at home. Others on my team also share the same thoughts.”
— Michael – Senior Team Member, Entertainment Industry, California

Self-awareness and high levels of leadership effectiveness are inseparable. In order to increase self-awareness, senior leaders must be on a journey of continuous learning. Journeys into new territory are significantly more productive when led by a competent guide. Full Circle Group coaches are highly skilled in the territory of executive leadership and often serve for many years as trusted advisors to our executive clients. Executive coaching clients come to us for a variety of reasons. Situations where executive clients have asked us to engage include:

Derailing Executive typically a talented executive that has ridden a particular leadership style into the ground, making significant errors in judgment with critical relationships. These individuals have often been put on a tight leash – “fix yourself in a hurry or you’re gone.”

High Potential a bright, agile learner, curious about themselves and the world, can get into trouble by moving too quickly or by being perceived as being aloof or arrogant. These individuals are often being groomed for executive leadership and coaching is seen as critical to that process.

CEO/Chairman a CEO (or senior equivalent) who calls upon us to be a thought partner in a variety of business and leadership issues, challenges and opportunities. As trusted advisors, we act as a guide, sounding board and truth-teller — offering a personal reality check, opening up latent feedback in the system and providing outside perspective and insight.

Challenging Relationship typically a competent professional embroiled in a relationship issue that is threatening to take them down – often a personality clash with a boss, peer or stakeholder through which they can’t make headway. Often this requires joint coaching between parties.

Veteran often a mature High Potential, near the end of their career, now facing new challenges or exploring new territory. These individuals are still mining the world for new ideas and insights and are comfortable proactively seeking out and using a skilled coach as a thought partner and guide.

Critical Initiative the senior executive charged with a complex, can’t fail, mission-critical initiative who needs a steady, impartial, battle-tested thought partner to stand with them through the long, challenging process of business transformation.

Reinvention either because of personal or organizational change, these leaders have recently awakened to their potential. They may have a solid career history but their newly found ambition may run up against ingrained personal habits or ossified perceptions within the organization. For these individuals, coaching becomes reinvention.