Experiential Learning and Business Simulation

At Deer Hollow, groups can participate in a variety of experiential events and simulations. Experiential learning is superior to more conceptual learning if the objective is to surface underlying values and influence behaviors. At our sister company Full Circle Group, we use experiential learning at three levels: individual, team and organization. Providing a stimulating, productive and action-oriented experience helps teams and individuals grow, challenge themselves, and expand skills in new ways.

Likewise, business simulations are powerful vehicles for creating a “learning lab” and exploring possibilities; they establish context that helps participants see and experience an organization or process in a new way. Participants are able to make informed choices and analyze the implications and consequences of specific actions while sharing a common experience that models an aspect of their real business world.

Having a safe environment in which you create physical challenges with expert guidance is critical. At Deer Hollow, groups participate in a number of different team building events, including high and low-element challenge courses, designed to help participants meet educational, developmental and recreational goals. Groups can also opt for archery competitions or a biathlon at nearby Soldier Hollow – the venue for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. Those looking to enjoy more solitary pursuits can take advantage of the wonderful vistas afforded by a variety of hiking opportunities or enjoy fishing in Deer Hollow’s ponds. Other recreational opportunities, including skiing, hot air ballooning, and golf are close by.